"I try and stay away from the internet! Stupidly, when we first started I looked up something on the internet and it was bad. So I’ve taken a step back. If there’s anything people are or aren’t happy with, you kind of end up finding out about it some way anyways."


Hobby: Looking for new books to read even though I still have a long tbr pile.

if being wrong’s a crime, i’m serving forever / if being strong’s your kind, then i need help here with this feather / if being afraid is a crime, we hang side by side / at the swinging party down the line

“Either way you win. And either way you lose. What can I tell you? Love’s a bitch.”

If I Stay - Gayle Forman (via yabooksweekly)

"I’ve decided to trust ye instead."


i bet in 2000 years theyre gonna be digging up the rubble of our destroyed earth and they’ll find a nokia still on half battery

Kristen being extra cute. On set interview (2008)


Books I Love: Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

I hate winter. I’ve lived in the midwest my whole life and i hate winter. It starts to early and it ends too late. Why doesn’t everyone just move to Florida?

“Look, I hate goodbyes, too. But sometimes, we need them just to survive.”

Rachel Caine, Fall of Night (via quotasia)

Holland Roden for New York Movies Magazine


I saw rocketssurgery's awesome tattooed!Hiccup and my hand slipped (EDIT : torso looked a little weird so..changed it a little :) )

Sassenach - he called me that from the first. 
The Gaelic word for outlander, a stranger. An Englishman.
First in jest, then in affection.